training + CREDITS


training + CREDITS



  • NIDA : Employed as an Acting Tutor for NIDA Open (Melbourne)


  • NIDA : Employed as an Acting Tutor for NIDA Open (Melbourne)


  • Howard Fine Acting Studio : Audit Howard Fine Masterclass (Melbourne)

  • NIDA : Employed as an Acting Tutor for NIDA Open (Melbourne)


  • The Wellbeing Centre : Alexander Technique Workshops [teacher - Kate Barnett]

  • Cultural Infusion, Melbourne : Puppetry Masterclass Workshop [teacher - Rod Primrose]

  • Women's Circus : Circus and Physical Theatre Workshops [teacher - Cleo Cutcher]

  • Melbourne Acting Academy : Acting Workshop [teacher - Greg Apps]

  • ActionTheatre : Intensive [teacher - Dani Cresp]

  • Howard Fine : Acting Technique Class [teacher - Lisa Treloar]

  • Masterclass : Acting Classes [teacher - Kevin Spacey]


  • VCA : Voice Classes [teacher - Lisa Dallinger]


  • The Actors Coach : Film and TV Classes [teachers - Kevin Harrington, Shane Connors]


  • NIDA : Acting Techniques Course [teacher - Lisa McCune]


  • Federation University : Bachelor of Arts (Acting)


  • Screen Actors Studio : Film and TV Classes [teachers - Paul Moore, Sarah Grace]




  • NIDA Open Acting Tutor

  • 'Ashes to Ashes' Harold Pinter, Ange Arabatzis. Actor


  • NIDA Open Acting Tutor


  • 'Girls Act Good' Ensemble Member

    • Film/WEB/TV

      • 'TETHER' by eva justine torkkola, short film, Writer/Director/Editor

      • 'HELP' webseries Fabiana Weiner, PA

      • 'RED DEATH' by Daniel Belet, short film, DOP

      • 'Bloom' co directed by hannah arbuthnott and eva justine torkkola, short film, MIFF MAF (melbourne international film festival vollies make a film)

      • 'The Giant' by James Morgan, short film, 1st AD

      • 'Of/Of' by Nadine Roseboom, short film, Sound

      • ‘Theory of Evalution’ by eva justine torkkola, short film, Writer/Director/Actor/editor

      • ‘Australian Women’s Day’ National Campaign Video, Director

      • 'Signed' by Laura Jane Turner, short film, f word films, Actor

      • 'The Game' by Nadine Roseboom, short film, DOP

      • 'The Big Dream' by James Morgan, short film, 1st AD

      • 'Rainbow Body' by A.R. Barton, short film, Sound

      • 'Walls' by Stepanka Cervinkova, short film, Lighting

      • 'Define' by Ange Arabatzis, web series, Actor

      • 'Last Breath' by Jennifer Monk, Perri Cummings, web series, Girls Act Good & F WORD FIlms, Actor


    • Theatre

      • 'Hotel Bonegilla' Laurence Strangio La Mama, Winter season, Actor, AD

      • ‘Percy Grainger at Home’ Karen Van Spall; The Parlour, Grainger Museum, Actor

      • 'The Window Outside' by Belinda Lopez, Dir: Liz Perry Connors. Northcote town hall (Followed by regional VIC Tour), AD

      • ‘Chopin’ Karen Van Spall; The Parlour, Melbourne Recital Centre, Actor

      • 'The Lady from the Sea' Ibsen. Laurence Strangio, La Mama (VCE Drama Playlist 2018), AD

      • 'The Confessions of Jeremy Perfect' La Mama, autumn season, Actor

      • ‘Shakespeare In Therapy’ dir: Sharmini Kumar, Shakespeare On The River Festival, ACTOR


  • NIDA Open Acting Tutor

  • MUseums Victoria OUTREACH PresenteR

  • Camp quality improvisor/PUPPETEER

  • Trash Puppets Workshop LeadeR

  • 'Girls Act Good' Ensemble Member

  • TOP 20 FINALIST, ABC PITCH IVIEW COMPETITION at 'melbournE webfest' for 2017

    • film/web/tv

      • 'Till The Boys Come Home' Sally McLean, Icognita Enterprises, PA

      • 'Assistance Required' Michael Jewell, Actor

      • 'The Association' Girls Act Good, Assistant Producer

    • Theatre

      • 'The Window Outside' Belinda Lopez, Liz Perry Connors, Chapel Off Chapel, AD

      • 'Lonely People are Always up in the Middle of the Night' Hila Ben Gera. La Mama, AD

      • 'And Then the Snow Fell on Egypt' Gavin Roach, Sarah Vickery. Melbourne Fringe, AD

      • 'Cocoon' Kotryna Gesait. Melbourne Fringe, AD

      • 'Crave' by Sarah Kane. Laurence Strangio, La Mama, Actor

      • 'An Evening with Madam Brussels: Cloudless Skies Ain't Always Sunny' Robbie Micale, AD

      • VCA Masters of Screenwriting Graduate Performance: 'Aleppo' Elias Jamieson Brown, Shaun Wykes. Actor

      • 'The Great Dark Spot' Christpher Bryant, La Mama, Actor

      • 'Do not collect $200' Harley Hefford, 21 Moons, Actor

      • 'This, This Is Mine' Duncan Ragg, The Corinthian Food Store, Assistant Producer

      • 'Hotel Bonegilla' Tes Lyssiotis's, Laurence Strangio, La Mama's 50th Birthday, Actor

      • 'Shakespeare In Therapy' Sharmini Kumar, Adelaide Fringe, Actor

      • 'Subletting in Northcote' Wahibe Moussa, Strumpet Productions, Actor

      • 'ZEDTOWN' MELBOURNE SHOWGROUNDS, life like touring, actor

      • 'Confesssions of Jeremy Perfect' Sandy Fairthorne, Dir: Judy Ellis - La Mama, AUTUMN SEASON READING, actor

      • ACTOR 'Shakespeare In Therapy' Sharmini Kumar, Adelaide Fringe



  • NIDA Open Acting Tutor

  • PRESENTER, Commonwealth Bank 'Start Smart' PROGRAM, FULL-TIME (NATIONAL TOUR)

  • Trash Puppets Workshop Leader

  • Camp Quality Puppeteer & Improvisor

  • 'Girls Act Good' Ensemble Member

  • ACTOR 'Dream' Underground Cinema, Secret Squirrel Productions

  • ACTOR 'Bogan Bachelor' Justin Dalaya. Positive Dynamite Productions

  • ACTOR 'Cinders and the Seven Stages of Grief' Peri Cummings, Girls Act Good

  • ACTOR 'NEXT' Dir: Noel Anderson. Rob Lobosco Productions

  • ACTOR 'Les Mysteries du Louvre' ReAction Theatre. Assisted with Arena Theatre 130 Residency

  • ACTOR 'A Little Justice' Kate Lemke. Swinburne University

  • ACTOR 'Midsummer' Joachim Matschoss. BackYardTheatreEnsemble (*Toured)

  • ACTOR 'Every Second Counts' Dir: Patrick Hughes. Finch

  • ACTOR 'The Last Time' Taylor Swift, Gary Lightbody. Dir: Louise Schultze. Australian Production House

  • PERFORMER, Rainbow Serpent Festival. Dir: Michael Scarlett

  • ACTOR 'Methrays' DZ Deathrays feat Arj Barker. Dir: Prad Senanayake. OTTO Empire

  • ACTOR 'The Anthesteria Cycle' Robert Reid, Play reading DEVELOPMENT

  • ACTOR 'Happy Ending' Hannah Burt. Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

  • ACTOR 'In Wired Rain' Joachim Matschoss. BackYardTheatreEnsemble, Abbotsford Convent

  • ACTOR 'Wagner in Paris' Karen Van Spall, Opera Australia, MRC (*Toured)

  • ACTOR 'Shakespeare In Therapy' Sharmini Kumar, Melbourne Fringe


  • PRESENTER, Commonwealth Bank 'Start Smart' PROGRAM, FULL-TIME (NATIONAL TOUR)

  • ACTOR 'Family Secrets' Dir: Eve Ash. Seven Dimensions, FEATURE FILM

  • ACTOR 'Goblins' Cassandra Yiannacou, Jeni Bezuidenhout. Dir: Sebastian Bertoli. Panopticon Collective, La Mama

  • ACTOR 'You, Me and The Cat' Glenn Saunders. Performed in Sydney

  • ACTOR 'Victoriana Pleasure Garden' Gerard O'Connor, Marc Wasiak. National Trust of Australia. The Official MSFW Opening Night Event

  • ACTOR 'Battle of the Chess Champions' Timothy Christopher Ryan

  • ACTOR 'Beyond the Bright Black Edge of Nowhere' Simon Wilkinson. Circa69 *Performed at Federation Square

  • ACTOR 'All She Does' Brodie Parapadella. Jamaica Inn Collective. Reading at Theatreworks

  • ACTOR 'SUGAR or Ken and Brenda Make a Baby' Leo Taylor

  • ACTOR 'DOLLY' Harris Smart

  • ACTOR 'The Practice' Cameron Rose *Development Phase

  • ACTOR 'King In Exile' Bradley Klendo. Nice Productions. Holden Street, Adelaide Fringe

  • ACTOR 'Receivers' + 'The Piano Thief' Gareth Ellis. Dir: Amanda Falson. Feat Theatre, Melbourne 2014. The Old 505, Sydney 2015

  • ACTOR 'Charles Manson and The Subtle Art of Radicalization' Scott Welsh. La Mama


  • PRESENTER, Commonwealth Bank 'Start Smart' PROGRAM, FULL-TIME (NATIONAL TOUR)

  • ACTOR 'The Other Sister' Paula J Armstrong. Dir: Chris Boek. Play 6

  • ACTOR 'MadWomen Monologues' Anna Williamson. Dir: Tania Le Page. Baggage Productions

  • ACTOR Simulated Patient Training, RANZCOG

  • ACTOR 'CarnEvil' Timothy Christopher Ryan

  • ACTOR 'Fallen Apples' Belinda Lopez. Dir: Liz Perry. MELBOURNE WRITERS THEATRE, La Mama

  • ACTOR 'SNUG VENT' Jo Daly. Pump Theatre *2012, Adelaide Fringe 2014. Nominated for 'The Peace Foundation Award'


  • ACTOR 'Chiasmus' Angus Cameron. Four Letter Word Theatre

  • ACTOR, Patient 0 - IRL Shooter, Powell & Hobbs

  • ACOTR 'Faust Unplugged' Andrew Roestenburg. Dir: Andrew Delves. Robot Fish Productions

  • ACTOR 'Dr. Bunn's Travelling Medicine Show' Bruce Widdop. OZACT

  • ACTOR 'Twelfth Night' Dir: Bruce Widdop. OZACT. Toured VIC/SA 2012, 2013


  • ACTOR 'Delightfully Grimm' Timothy Christopher Ryan

  • ACTING/VOICE TEACHER, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy 2011, 2012

  • ACTOR 'Romeo and Juliet' Dir: Bruce Widdop. OZACT. Toured VIC/SA 2011, 2012


  • ACTOR 'The Mousetrap' Agatha Christie. Dir: Peter Nethercote. Ballarat National Theatre. Australian Premiere

  • ACTOR 'Quarters' Peter Nethercote. Dir: Julian Oldfield. Ballarat National Theatre. Toured 2010, 2011


  • PRESENTER, Bop Till You Drop


  • ACTOR 'Butterscotch' by Scott Sparrow

2007 to 2009

  • federation university (BA Acting) 


  • ACTOR 'The Skin of Our Teeth' Thornton Wilder. Dir: Rose Sejean. Winner of ALCOA 2006 'Outstanding Performer' Award


  • ACTOR 'Six Characters in Search of an Author' Luigi Pirandello. Dir: Sophia Katos

  • ACTOR 'Miscellaneous Minds' Elle Gabrielle, Tom Halls. *Winner of Angelsea 'Best Performer' and 'Best Play'