1. 'Highlights? Torkkola was disturbingly good as Hillary, a mental patient who joins the madness in and out of space during Receivers' - The Buzz from Sydney

  2. 'Her controlling older lover Hannah (was) played with relish by Eva Torkkola' - The Age

  3. '...a satisfyingly gory and madcap finale marvelously performed by Eva' - Australian Stage

  4. '... her girlfriend Hannah (Eva Torkkola) an alcoholic and controlling “bitch” whose blunt honesty becomes one of the more appealing things about this play.' - Melbourne Observer

  5. 'Star (Torkkola) is a particularly interesting character... we see her in the intriguing process of slowly becoming unhinged' - Stage Whispers

  6. 'While Ophelia was the obvious stand out, I appreciate Kumar’s decision to steer away from the maddened girl sentenced to a nunnery. Played by Eva Justine Torkkola, modern Ophelia was as satirical as she was assertive, and her comments were often seasoned with profanities.' - Collage Adelaide

  7. 'As a teen/punk/rebel Ophelia, Eva Justine Torkkola is the standout as she delivers her many comic lines with gusto. This character is clearly the most thought out.' - Glam Adelaide

  8. 'Edith (Eva Justine Torkkola) propels the anger and determination of a suffragette with great force and energy.' - Stage Whispers

  9. 'Eva Torkkola who played quirky Jenny also brought her character to life with vigour (and) her generosity in performance... Torkkola gave commendable performances in both shows, she also played clinically disturbed patient Hillary that engaged and enticed her audience to further dive into the absurdity of the worlds these characters live in. She also brought physical qualities to both of her characters that were interesting and evolving.' - Theatre Unzipped